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Word of the Day: Serene

Wednesday July 23, 2014
Today's word is: Serene

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Word of the Day: Diligent

Wednesday July 16, 2014
Today's Word is: Diligent

Definition: Diligent is an adjective. Diligent describes a person caring for his duties very nicely. Working hard and carefully on the task. Also persevering despite challenges that might arise.

Example Sentences:

He's very diligent, he always works hard and carefully at what he's doing.

Amy take's diligent notes every class. If you ever miss a day ask her to borrow her notes.

As an adverb:

He's diligently studying for his upcoming exam.

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Word of the Day: Candid

Wednesday 9, 2014
Today's word is: Candid

Definition: Candid is an adjective. It means straightforward, honest and free from reservation. It's fully honest without trying to indicate a little differently. It is not sugar coated in any way. Candid has a positive meaning. (Sugar coated= Something that is bad is described in a nicer way then it should be.)

Example Sentences.

He was very candid in his statements to the press.
-He spoke honestly and straightforward to newspapers/ tv reporters.

Thank you for being so candid.

A candid politician is near impossible to find.

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Long A Sound - Master English Pronunciation

Don't miss out on our pronunciation lesson. Today we are covering the long A sound.

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Word of the Day: Thunderstorm

Wednesday 9, 2014
Today's word is: Thunderstorm

Definition: Thunderstorm is a heavy rainstorm with thunder, of course.
So heavy rain with thunder and often lightning. Thunder is the sound, and lightning is the flash of light that you can see.


I got caught in a thunderstorm.

 -This means that you were outside when the thunderstorm started, either driving or walking. You probably didn't expect the storm, and you're likely very wet!

There's going to be some severe thunderstorms over the next few days.

 -You may have some warning on the news if there are going to be terrible storms in the area. (Severe means very serious or extreme)

What do you do when there are thunderstorms?




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Short A Sound - Master English pronunciation

Short A sound

You can't miss this video! Get that correct English pronunciation you always dreamed of!

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Practice Grammar #4 Interrogative (Questions)

Enjoy Practice Grammar #4

Review the lesson again and answer the following questions.

Exercise: Change the sentence into a question.
Ex.) You are from Canada. ----> Are you from Canada?

1.) The boy is from France.
2.) She is a teacher.
3.) You are friends with them.
4.) Tiffany is good at basketball.
5.) You are married.
6.) It is dark outside.
7.) It is beautiful.
8.) Elephants are funny.
9.) She is your wife.
10.) The dress is pink.

Answer the questions, and comment with your answers below!

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Basic Grammar Lesson #3 - Verb 'To Be' Interrogative (Questions)

Enjoy the grammar lesson.
The interrogative of the verb 'to be'. (asking questions)

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Practice Grammar #3

This is the third grammar practice lesson.

You may watch the videos again and answer the questions that follow.

Practice test #2

Change the verb 'to be' from negative to positive, or from positive to negative.

Ex. That isn't my car. ------> That's my car.
Ex. The brick is soft. ------> The brick isn't soft.


1.) They are from America.

2.) She is fat.

3.) Hamburgers are delicious

4.) The camel isn't able to live in the desert.

5.) My brother is in town today.

6.) They're from Canada.

7.) The weather isn't good today.

8.) The book is easy.

9.) Welcome. This isn't California!

10.) English is very hard.


Post your answers in the comments!

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Practice Grammar #2

This is the second grammar practice lesson.

You may watch the videos again and answer the questions that follow.

Practice test #2

You need to add the present negative tense of the verb "to be" to the following sentences!

Ex. The brick soft. ------> The brick isn't soft.


1.) They from Texas.

2.) Her hair short.

3.) The pizza delicious.

4.) The pigs real.

5.) My mother mean.

6.) There homework today.

7.) The children quiet.

8.) The baby crying anymore.

9.) The cars fast.

10.) This lesson bad!

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Practice Grammar #1

You have already seen the videos for these grammar practice lessons.

If you need you can check them again!

The following are questions for you to answer. Please comment with your answers below.
Pass the test, then after check out our next lessons!

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Idiom Lesson #1 - On One Hand

Enjoy the idiom lesson. Comment below with your examples using this idiom!

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Basic English Grammar lesson #2 Verb 'To Be' Present Negative Tense

Here is our second English basic grammar lesson. The negative present tense of the verb "To be" - Practice the lesson and enjoy.
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Many more lessons of various levels will be uploaded check back for more goodies!

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Basic Grammar Lesson #1 - "To Be" Present Tense

Enjoy the lesson. Look out for a special offer in the middle of the video!!! You don't want to miss out!

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English Pronunciation - "Oh" sound as in "No"

New English Pronunciation lesson is available now.

Need help in English add me, or send me a message. I will be glad to help you more.

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Want to ask a Question?

Do you want to ask someone a question?
You want to ask first if it is fine to ask, right?

Do you say "Can I Give you a question"?
This is wrong!
It is a common mistake.

Correct way is "Can I ask you a question?"

As you see the verb Give is wrong. The verb Ask is correct.

Here's some more examples.

"May I ask you a question?"
"He asked me a question."
"Let's ask him our question."

Just make sure your sentence is with "ask" and not "give".


Send us your feedback, at

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sounds good

When making plans, picking the day and picking the time, we need to make sure the other person can come.

In English there are a many ways to ask this. I will tell you 2 very common ways that you will hear often.
1.) Does it Suit you?
2.) How does it Sound to you

Pretty much these mean the same thing. Meaning 'Are you ok? Does you schedule allow it? Are you available at that time?

Here are some examples.

"Does 6pm suit you?"
"How does 6pm sound to you?"

"How does Friday sound to you?"
"Does Friday sound good for you?"
"Does Friday suit you?"

You can also answer by using the similar words.

"It sounds good."
"Friday suits me."

That's all for today! Send me your sentences and situations. I help you more.

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Play it by Ear

Have you ever heard the expression 'Play it by ear'?

Usually if you are making some plans, but and the details are not confirmed. After evaluating the situation you decide what to do next. Or as time goes by will make any adjustments necessary. If you are in these situations you can use this sentence! It means you will be flexible, adjusting as you hear or see new information.

For example. You plan to meet your friend and eat dinner together and do some fun activities. He might ask what you will do. You can say "Let's play it by ear.' That means you didn't decide what you will do. But after you see the situation you will decide. So you will think about it and decide what is good at that time.

Think of another situation. You plan to invite your friends to your house. You didn't pick a time when people should leave because you want to see first, how well it is going. We would call that 'Playing it by ear'. Meaning if people are bored early then you will end early. But if everybody is having a lot of fun, then you might finish later.

So how to use 'play it by ear'?
Conjugate the verb 'Play' and leave 'it by ear' the same.
Playing it by ear.
Play it by ear!
Played it by ear.
Play it by ear?

Send me your feedback.  Tell me the situations that you will use this sentence!

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By The Way

You might be surprised to know that many learners make mistakes when using "By The Way"

Are you using it correctly? Well let's see.

"By the way" - Should only be used in a certain way. When we talked about something before, not now, and later we bring up the subject again, either with a statement or question.

There is always some background information that the other person knows about. Usually something happens, or someone says something. Then suddenly we remember about another situation. Then we might say, "AH! By the way..." So the subject will change after we use "By the way".

WRONG USE: We are talking about John!  "John is great!" "he is a good guy!" "By the way everyone loves John!"

This is not a good way to use "By the way". Why? Because we are already talking about John! We don't need to say "By the way". However if we stop talking about John, and talk about something else, then later I want to say more about John, I can use "By the way."

CORRECT USE: We play basketball regularly. Everyone is there except John is not. When I notice that John is not here I might ask, "Oh By the way what happened to John?

Or a couple days later I see John, We eat together and do something. We talk about other things, then suddenly I remember that John didn't play basketball. Then I can ask, "Ah By the way, what happened last time? You didn't play basketball~!

Think you got it? Did you master using "By the Way"?

Send me your stories and sentences using "By the way"! Then we will help you out some more!


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Busted/Off the Hook

Today I would like to introduce 2 useful expressions. These couple idioms you might hear sometimes. When you do, you will know what it means.


"Bust" actually can mean many things. It's a slang way of saying "Break" or "smash" something, .
Ex. "My phone is busted" (it means my phone is broken)
"I'm gonna bust this phone" (I'm frustrated at my phone so 'I'm going to smash it').

It can also mean to punch someone, or can mean that you lost all your money, you went bankrupt.

But today I wanted to teach this meaning!
"To catch(someone who did a crime)". Or "To arrest someone"
Ex.) "He was busted for drugs." (This means that he had and/or was selling drugs, and the police arrested him for that.)

It can be less severe things as well. Like a student doing something at school he shouldn't do. When the teacher catches him other students may just say the word in an emphasized way, "BUSSSS...TTTED!" Meaning of course he got caught, and now he has to get some punishment.

It Could be in even more innocent ways. Mom says 'don't eat those cookies'. If the little one doesn't listen and his mom catches him, you can say "he got busted!"
Mom or dad might even say "Your busted mister!" meaning (Ah ha! I caught you!)

2.) Off The Hook!

Off the hook, may be used in other situations as well, but we will focus on it's main meaning. "Off the Hook" means to be free from paying the price of your crime.

You can think about being on a hook! Not able to get free. You're stuck! But then someone comes and helps you get free, now you can leave from there. This means "Off the Hook"

Ex.) "He got off the hook because there wasn't enough evidence." (he did a crime and got 'busted', but there is no proof so he is free. He doesn't go to prison)
Of course we may use this idiom also in less serious situations!

Ex.) I have to work overtime! Oh I hate that! Suddenly I was told I didn't have to, so I can say "They let me off the hook."
A teacher or parent might 'bust' a kid for doing something bad. They might say "I'll let you off the hook, but don't do it again." (This time you are free but next time you will be in trouble!)

Do you understand fully the meaning of 'Busted' and 'Off the hook'? Email us you sentences with these phrases and we will help you out further!

Email us at:


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"Please Come Here ~ 5PM"

This is one common mistake I hear all the time!

1.) Please come ___ 5PM.

What do you think is the right word for this sentence?

2.) I still meet my high school friends ___ now!

What about this sentence?

If you said the blank should be "UNTIL"...  You are wrong! In fact here in Korea, I have heard this used this way many times.

The correct answer for the first sentence is "BY". "Please come by 5PM".

There is much confusion between the words "BY" and "UNTIL"

"Until" has the sense of doing something before a certain time period, then at that time stopping.

Look at sentence #2. I still meet my high school friends ___ now!  If you write "I met my friends until now" That means I have met them. But now I will not meet them again. This sentence is perfect. "I STILL meet my high school friends." The word "still" shows that you meet them continuously. Not only before, but even now and in the future.

"BY" has the sense that you will do and finish something at or before the time.

You will receive the package by 5pm. (This means sometime between now and 5pm. 5pm is the latest time, likely you will receive the package before this deadline time.)

More Examples:

"I work until 5PM." -( I work and I finish at 5PM. I stop work at 5PM.)
"I will finish by 5PM" -(I will finish my day's work at 5pm)
"Let me know BY tomorrow" (Tomorrow is deadline. Tell be that time or before)
"We will stay out until Monday" (From the time selected, you will continuously stay out, and then go in on Monday.)

Test out your own sentences!
Email them to us and we will correct them for you free of charge.

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