Word of the Day: Diligent

Wednesday July 16, 2014
Today’s Word is: Diligent

Definition: Diligent is an adjective. Diligent describes a person caring for his duties very nicely. Working hard and carefully on the task. Also persevering despite challenges that might arise.

Example Sentences:

He’s very diligent, he always works hard and carefully at what he’s doing.

Amy take’s diligent notes every class. If you ever miss a day ask her to borrow her notes.

As an adverb:

He’s diligently studying for his upcoming exam.

Word of the Day: Candid

Wednesday 9, 2014
Today’s word is: Candid

Definition: Candid is an adjective. It means straightforward, honest and free from reservation. It’s fully honest without trying to indicate a little differently. It is not sugar coated in any way. Candid has a positive meaning. (Sugar coated= Something that is bad is described in a nicer way then it should be.)

Example Sentences.

He was very candid in his statements to the press.
-He spoke honestly and straightforward to newspapers/ tv reporters.

Thank you for being so candid.

A candid politician is near impossible to find.