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Want to ask a Question?

Do you want to ask someone a question?
You want to ask first if it is fine to ask, right?

Do you say “Can I Give you a question”?
This is wrong!
It is a common mistake.

Correct way is “Can I ask you a question?”

As you see...Read More »

sounds good

When making plans, picking the day and picking the time, we need to make sure the other person can come.

In English there are a many ways to ask this. I will tell you 2 very common ways that you will hear often.
1.) Does it Suit you?
2.) How does...Read More »

Play it by Ear

Have you ever heard the expression ‘Play it by ear’?

Usually if you are making some plans, but and the details are not confirmed. After evaluating the situation you decide what to do next. Or as time goes by will make any adjustments necessary. If you are in these situations you...Read More »

By The Way

You might be surprised to know that many learners make mistakes when using “By The Way”

Are you using it correctly? Well let’s see.

“By the way” – Should only be used in a certain way. When we talked about something before, not now, and later we bring up the subject again,...Read More »

Busted/Off the Hook

Today I would like to introduce 2 useful expressions. These couple idioms you might hear sometimes. When you do, you will know what it means.


“Bust” actually can mean many things. It’s a slang way of saying “Break” or “smash” something, .
Ex. “My phone is busted” (it means my...Read More »

"Please Come Here ~ 5PM"

This is one common mistake I hear all the time!

1.) Please come ___ 5PM.

What do you think is the right word for this sentence?

2.) I still meet my high school friends ___ now!

What about this sentence?

If you said the blank should be “UNTIL”…  You are wrong! In fact here in...Read More »



...Read More »

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